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Hockey RPF Magical Realism AU: Your Robot Heart Is Bleeding

Title: Your Robot Heart Is Bleeding
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Characters: Alexa Recchi, Evgeni Malkin, Frank Buonomo, Jack Johnson, Marc-Andre Fleury, Mario Lemieux, Mark Recchi, Nathalie Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguins Ensemble, Sergei Gonchar, Sidney Crosby, Taylor Crosby, Trina Crosby, Troy Crosby
Relationships: Sidney Crosby & Jack Johnson, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6803
Summary: The procedure was an unmitigated success. A healthy baby boy, perfectly average in height and weight with a heart that beat steady as a metronome.

Author's Notes: Written for the Hockey Reverse Big Bang, inspired by azurejay's amazing mix, Sensible Person (Hot to the Touch, Cold on the Inside). Title taken from and story idea heavily drawn from Dan Mangan’s ‘Robot’ and FOB’s ‘Hot to the Touch, Cold on the Inside.’

Warning Up Front: There is immediate mention of a stillbirth. It's brief, nongraphic, and children are brought back to life with mechanical or magical means, but obviously a potential trigger. As per usual, I chose not to use archive warnings. Please check the end notes for more detailed warnings.

Available at AO3.

Full Warnings: Nongraphic mention of stillbirth, institutional and endemic prejudice towards magic users, mentions of nonviolent hate crimes towards magic users, implied corruption of Russian officials necessitating magical!Geno's escape to Pittsburgh, and magical matchmaking (not really a soul bond but kind of a soul bond). Also contains what could possibly be considered body horror, because Sidney has a robotic heart? It's nongraphic and not discussed in great detail, but just in case. As always, please let me know if I should warn for anything else.
Tags: [fandom]: hockey rpf, [my fic], [my fic]: hockey rpf, [my fic]: sid/geno, [pairing]: sid/geno, [pairing]: sidney & jack, hockey reverse big bang, hrbb
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